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'DOOM Eternal' Can Hit 1000fps And It Would Probably Melt Your Face

'DOOM Eternal' Can Hit 1000fps And It Would Probably Melt Your Face

Hint: it would probably melt your PC.

Sarah James

Sarah James

According to Id Software, DOOM Eternal is capable of running at 1000fps (frames per second), if you just happened to have the hardware to support it, that is. But before you run off to check the specs of your PC, don't bother - there's no consumer hardware out there right now that has that capability.

In a recent video from IGN (via PC Gamer), Id Software's lead engine programmer Billy Kahn talked about how DOOM Eternal's Tech 7 engine has been rebuilt to take full advantage of current graphics cards and monitor technology. "On id Tech 6, we maxed it out to 250 frames per second," explains Kahn in the video. "This game, if you have the hardware right, it could hit 1000 frames per second. That's the max we have and there's really no upper limit."

Having a high fps is something that is often bragged about in the world of PC gaming and it can give you an edge in competitive games where every tiny bit of information can give you an advantage. And while 1000fps is unachievable with current technology, Id Software is clearly looking to the future and the longevity of DOOM Eternal in years to come.

"I've had some hardware here locally that we built just for testing, where we had scenes running in the 400 frames per second. So people who have 144hz monitors, or even the new monitors that you'll see coming out that are even above that, going forward this game will hold up for many years and it will give you really amazing opportunities to leverage that hardware."

DOOM Eternal /

To give some context, the newly announced specs for Microsoft's upcoming next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, boasts support for 120fps which is roughly the same as a current high-end gaming PC boasting one of the latest graphics cards and paired with a 144Hz monitor. For the tech-savvy readers out there, you can check out the video in full above (go here for a direct link) which contains lots of additional details.

In other DOOM Eternal news, the campaign has been confirmed as twice as long as the previous game and won't have an in-game store or microtransactions.

DOOM Eternal is currently set for release later this month on 20 March.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda / IGN

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