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'Mario Kart Tour' Pulls Up In Paris, Turning Shy Guy Into A Pastry Chef

'Mario Kart Tour' Pulls Up In Paris, Turning Shy Guy Into A Pastry Chef

Finally, Shy Guy gets to play the part he was born for

Julian Benson

Julian Benson

Nintendo has unveiled the new characters coming as part of Mario Kart Tour's Paris event. Peach dressed in vacation clothes and Shy Guy donning the cap of a pastry chef and wielding a whisk are the two ultra rare characters that will be available only for a limited time, while a pit stop Toad will be available long-term.

You can see them in action in the trailer below:

Mario Kart Tour has a new event every two weeks, with real world locations such as Paris, Tokyo and London appearing so far. With each new event there are time-limited characters to draw people into playing frequently. And it's hard not to be taken in when the bait is Shy Guy taking on the role that he was always perfectly suited for. How could he not make the perfect filo pastry when he's so cautious and delicate in the games?

Mario Kart Is Coming To Mobile Next Month With Mario Kart Tour.

Despite its aggressive microtransactions, Mario Kart Tour has been a huge success for Nintendo. It had over 90 million downloads in its first week alone, and broke 123 million downloads in its first month, leaping past the success of its other games. Currently the game doesn't even have real-time multiplayer, which makes its success even more remarkable. That feature is coming, though, with developer DeNA announcing it's holding a beta test in December. Though you'll only be able to take part if you're a Gold Pass paying member.

Now, while I'm all on board for a pastry chef Shy Guy and a pit stop Toad, Peach in a vacation dress is kind of a kicker. I get that she's royalty, but she's got to work some day, right? Or is her taxation of the Mushroom Kingdom's gold coins so heavy that she can just live a life of constant world tours? When does she even govern her kingdom? In October she was staying in the Last Resort hotel in Luigi's Mansion 3 (which we fell in love with) and less than a week later she's off in Paris chowing down croissants and champagne.

You can get your hands on these new characters when the event kicks off later today.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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