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'Apex Legends' Is Getting Crossplay Support, Heading To Switch And Steam

'Apex Legends' Is Getting Crossplay Support, Heading To Switch And Steam

Better together.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Apex Legends season 5 only kicked off a few weeks ago, but it's clear that EA and developer Respawn Entertainment have some big plans for the battle royale going forward - starting with the fact that the game is coming to Switch in the autumn!

Announced during the EA Play livestream last night, the popular battle royale will finally grace the Nintendo home console/handheld hybrid. It's something a lot of us have been waiting for - myself included. As someone who hasn't played much Apex Legends at all, this could be the port that encourages me to really get stuck in. Here's hoping.

Apex Legends /

But it gets better: Apex Legends will soon support cross-play on all supported platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, Origin and Switch. Cross-play support was also confirmed for Autumn, so I guess the Switch version will go live alongside this much-requested feature.

Finally, Respawn shared some details on the "Lost Treasures" Collection Event, which kicks off on June 23rd. The developer gave ys a look at some of the shiny gold-themed skins we'll be able to unlock, as well as a new item in the form of the Mobile Respawn Beacon.

As the name implies, this handy bit of kit will appear in players' inventories at the beginning of each match for the duration of the event, giving teammates the chance to respawn wherever and whenever. Sounds pretty useful.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

It was an EA Play packed with cool surprises, including the announcement that a new Skate - which may or may not be called Skate 4 is finally in development. The last Skate game was released in 2010, so this reveal really was a ray of hope for those of us who spent the last decade waiting, watching, and wondering if EA would ever return to the franchise.

We also saw the briefest glimpses of a number of next-gen games that are currently in development. EA couldn't share too much about these, but we did see how Battlefield 6 and Dragon Age 4 are shaping up, and they certainly look pretty sweet.

But while Battlefield 6 is expected to arrive fairly soon, don't bank on seeing Dragon Age 4 - or the new Skate for that matter - any time soon. It's very early days for both projects, but let's hope EA is willing to give them the time they need to be the games we know they can be.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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