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'GTA Trilogy' Beats ‘Efootball’ To Become Lowest-Rated Game Of 2021

'GTA Trilogy' Beats ‘Efootball’ To Become Lowest-Rated Game Of 2021


If you’d have told me a year ago that a Rockstar Games release was going to be the worst-rated game of 2021 according to Metacritic users, I would have struggled to believe you. If you’d told me that game was in fact a remastered collection containing three of the most-loved Grand Theft Auto games of all time, I’d have known for sure you were lying. 

And yet, here we are. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive edition released last week, and it’s a hot mess. Rockstar Games has somehow managed to completely guff up the long-awaited remasters of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas with a suite of visual glitches, game-breaking bugs, and other really not-fun issues. It’s honestly a little heartbreaking to see. 

Take a look at the original trailer, which promised so much more, below: 

Unsurprisingly, fans everywhere are pretty annoyed. Rockstar Games has been flooded with refund requests as the company desperately scrambles to fix the three very broken games. I’ve no doubt that they’ll eventually end up in fine working order, but the damage has been done. GTA: The Trilogy has been bombarded with negative reviews on Metacritic

At the time of writing, the PC version - which was literally unplayable for the entire weekend - has an average score of 0.5 based on 2786 ratings. 

“Terrible edition by Rockstar,” reads one 0/10 review. “Basically the old game with some filters and changed controls being sold at full price. PC version full of bugs and doesn't offer anything new. If you really want to buy, wait for a huge discount, and it's still expensive.”

“Thanks so much Rockstar,” adds a 1/10. “You made a re-release that is worse than the original games! Wait you also took down mods AND the original games? Thank you again. Awesome stuff.” We think they’re being sarcastic, to be honest. 

For context, Konami’s disastrous PES reboot eFootball, previously the worst-rated game of the year, has a 0.8 rating. Granted, that’s based on far less reviews (just 128), but the fact that a GTA remaster could ever have fallen so low is pretty damning. Hopefully it lights enough of a fire under Rockstar to ensure this never happens again. 

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games/Konami

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