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This Breathtaking Gundam Diorama Took Four Years To Build

This Breathtaking Gundam Diorama Took Four Years To Build

Yes, it is real.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Do you ever see something that's not real but your brain won't put it in the "not real" box so you continue to stare at it and think, "someone made this?!" That's me with this phenomenal Gundam diorama, made by Twitter user Mannen Factory.

Let's take a moment so that you may also feast your eyes on this amazing achievement.

How is that not a real thing? How? Mannen Kobo, the award-winning model maker behind this incredible scene, has titled the diorama "Decisive Battle - Space Fortress Solomon." Working on the build took a little under five years to complete and cost 100,000 yen, with Kobo himself admitting "to be honest, I wondered how long I'd be doing this." Evidently, the effort has paid off and then some, as the reception to the artwork has been extremely enthusiastic and supportive.

Speaking with Yahoo Japan, Kobo explained that he wasn't always enamoured with the undertaking. "This work was made to order, and the theme from the client was 'Big Zam Hangar,'" he began. He hadn't thought that this mobile armour was very "cool," and so the outset of the project was a bit of an uphill struggle. "I wasn't very enthusiastic about it, but as I proceeded with the story, I began to think that it might be 'interesting.' Now I totally like Big Zam," he conceded.

Kobo continued to state that he had a little creative license with the build. "Because Big Zam was a non-standard prototype sent by A Baoa Qu to Solomon as a reinforcement by Gillen, I imagined that there would be no dedicated hanger for maintenance, so I laid it flat on the base," he said. "It is being maintained. Since Solomon is set to be based on an asteroid for mining resources, there is also a part where rocks are exposed on the ceiling, making it a scene reminiscent of mining traces. I did. That's also why mobile workers (working robots) are working. In fact, Dozle's [Zabi] speech scene is also reproduced, and there are also veteran warriors such as Aiguille Delaz, Shin Matsunaga, Anavel Gato, and Kelley Layzner. Please look for it!"

The model maker also posts videos and photos of his other projects on his YouTube and Twitter pages, so here's hoping he uploads a time-lapse or a tour of this exceptionally detailed diorama.

Featured Image Credit: Mannen Kobo