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This 'Among Us' Cake Is A Treat You Won't Want To Jettison Into Space

This 'Among Us' Cake Is A Treat You Won't Want To Jettison Into Space

Never say pie.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

This Among Us crewmember cake is absolutely brilliant, and it's the work of skilled artist and baker Sugar High Score.

Originally the manager of their very own cake business, Stephanie (also known as Sugar High Score) now bakes for fun, and uploaded videos of their candied creations to their channel, which boasts almost 1.5 million views. As well as characters from video games, like the impressive King Boo cake, an Eevee cake, and even an Xbox Series X cake, they also challenge themselves to build cakes based on real things.

The Starbucks S'mores Frappuccino cake looks simply divine, and is tiered to match the structure of the actual takeaway beverage. Alternatively, they baked cakes in the shape and colour of a steak dinner: the meat, a baked potato, and a loaf of bread. This one makes me feel a little odd, honestly. This one and the Pennywise cake. Slicing into that would incur the wrath of the sewer clown upon us all, and if we're able to avoid that as long as possible, that would be grand.

Among Us was the smash-hit of the summer, picking up the pace when people had exhausted the goodwill garnered from Animal Crossing and sought the thrills of backstabbing a bestie with a little cartoon astronaut. In the game, a group of players gather on a spaceship to complete a set of tasks and achieve lift-off. However, one or more of the players are the impostor, and their goal is to off the crewmembers and avoid detection. Once a body is discovered, an emergency meeting is called to discuss who the likely suspect is.

If the crewmembers manage to vote out the impostor, they win. If the impostor kills all players or destroys the spaceship through sabotages, then they win. It's very entertaining, and very simple, so lots of players are able to join in on their phones or on PC. The cake is of a red crewmember with a mini-me resting on their head, and Stephanie has done an amazing job reproducing the style of the characters. Expectedly, it's a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting in between its layers.

They then shape the red frosting around their silhouette, and the visor and the sheen on the visor are made from four different colours of frosting to achieve that 2D impression. Stephanie admits that the cake is "almost too cute to cut," but then does so anyway. In the true spirit of Among Us, trust no one.

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