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Video Games Are The Preferred Way To Break The Ice With Work Colleagues, Says Study

Video Games Are The Preferred Way To Break The Ice With Work Colleagues, Says Study

Video games have "fundamentally changed" socialisation while apart.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Recent research states that video games are the way to get to know new colleagues who have joined the team over the course of lockdown, which only emphasises the impact that they have had on socialisation while distancing.

The study, which arose out of a collaboration between Perspectus Global and Xbox UK, found that 88% of those surveyed are willing to try out different forms of digital communication (outside of Zoom calls) to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues once normality resumes. What's more is that 91% will continue to digitally "supplement" conversations that take place IRL - which is essentially going out for drinks with a pal, then sending them a TikTok of a cocktail recipe, and snapchatting the dinner you have that night. It's what most of us are doing to boost and maintain our relationships with other people in spite of distancing. In fact, interviews over Zoom have also allowed people to chat with each other without the stress of disrupted travel or encroaching schedules.

It's exactly how we got the chance to speak to Ludi Lin and Max Huang, who play Liu Kang and Kung Lao in the new Mortal Kombat movie, and quizzed them on iconic fatalities from the game. Check it out here.

Gaming has seen a meteoric rise owing to the transformations that the pandemic triggered in our everyday lives. Working from home meant that the time spent on the commute evaporated, and gyms, restaurants, cafés, clubs, beauticians, stadiums and more closed their doors to stop the spread. When our James Daly caught coronavirus, video games were the thing that helped him out of the doldrums of illness and isolation. My mum, who likely wouldn't count herself as a gamer, loves the simplicity and hilarity of Among Us, plus the fact that it brings her family all together.

These anecdotes have been reflected in the results of this study. "The last 12 months have fundamentally changed how people communicate, with technology providing an essential lifeline to family and friends," said Emma Kenny, the resident psychologist for ITV This Morning. "Games can serve many purposes, especially in the workplace: if you're looking to bond with a new co-worker you're yet to meet, jumping into Among Us offers an easy icebreaker; a battle within Minecraft Dungeons can aid teamwork; you can even host meetings whilst getting a round in in Golf With Your Friends." Over three quarters of respondents concluded that online gaming is a good way to strike up friendships with people while working in lockdowns, and approximately 69% of people said that gaming "could provide the best way to break the ice with colleagues before returning to the office full-time."

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