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SSX Tricky Creator Says The Game Could Be Remastered

SSX Tricky Creator Says The Game Could Be Remastered

Producer Steven Rechtschaffner has revealed what makes the game a classic

James Proctor

James Proctor

It takes a lot for a game to stand the test of time but SSX Tricky fits the bill of a true classic.

The snowboarding game gave those who had never hit the slopes in real-life the chance to enjoy the sport from their own home.

The SSX series ran from 2000 to 2012 and most fans would agree that Tricky was the king. From the Run DMC theme music and memorable characters to the ridiculously fun gameplay - people couldn't get enough.

Now, 19 years since its release, the demand for a remaster is as high as ever and the game's producer, Steven Rechtschaffner, thinks it's within the realms of possibility.

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Speaking to LADbible, he said: "Yeah, I think it could work. Xbox did a good job at re-releasing SSX 3 for Xbox One and it's beautiful actually.

"It's in the hands of SSX because they own the intellectual property. I have contemplated what it would mean, whether to remaster or even reboot the series.

"You're beholden to the expectations that people had from a long time ago. I easily think they could remaster [SSX] Tricky but there would be a tonne of work to be able to have live head-to-head competition and gameplay - just because the game wasn't architected that way.

"We actually did architect SSX 3 that way. We fully intended to make it playable online so that would be more possible."

Steven, who has since founded SuperNatural Games, says a lot of original thinking went into creating the game.

The iconic music came from him listening to a Run DMC CD in his car - he then added the trick element to the title.

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Steven said: "It was never meant to be a snowboard game for snowboarders. It was meant to be a game for a person like me who sees these activities and sees things I've never seen before and thinks 'that would be so cool to be able to do'."

Although many of the game's original fans are now in their twenties and thirties, there's a new wave of players - ready to take to the courses if a remaster was to come into fruition.

Steven added: "My nieces who are 12 and 10 were here with a friend. They came in and about 10 minutes later they're playing SSX 3.

"They just picked it up in the middle of a course and ended up having the time of their lives. They're just snowboarding, trying to get to the bottom of the hill.

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"They're not even thinking about tricks or racing each other, they're just having fun. My oldest niece goes 'this is really fun, what game is this?' and I realised oh my gosh, this game was out and gone before you were born."

It's clear to see that fans, young and old, want to rock a rhyme that's right on time (it's tricky) again.

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