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'Red Dead Redemption' Remake To Drop Before 'GTA VI', Report Claims

'Red Dead Redemption' Remake To Drop Before 'GTA VI', Report Claims

It would make sense for Rockstar to revisit the first RDR game.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Things have been a little quiet on the Grand Theft Auto 6 front, haven't they? After the incredible, and continued success of GTA V there is no way that Rockstar won't eventually revisit the franchise for another edition of city-based chaos and destruction. It's less a question of if and more a question of when. And according to an alleged leak, we're not going to see GTA VI before Rockstar releases a remake of the original Red Dead Redemption.

According to a Reddit post of a now-deleted 4chan post (spotted by GameRant) Rockstar is in the process of making a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, a game still stuck on PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s. The alleged leaker released a lot of details about Rockstar working on the next GTA game, from the story length to a targeted release and more.

Amongst the rumours, there was one detail that made Red Dead fans ears perk up. The leaker claims that although GTA VI shouldn't arrive before October 2023, in between now and then there is a planned Red Dead Redemption remake on its way from Rockstar. Which, you know, makes sense.

Red Dead Redemption
and the follow-up Red Dead Redemption 2 won award after award upon their releases in 2010 and 2018. RDR2 is still one of the most graphically impressive games on the market, a couple of years after release, and it's release on PC just impressed gamers further. There is an engine in RDR2 that is absolutely ready for the team at Rockstar to remake the original Red Dead game if they wanted to.

Gamers would eat a remake up there's no doubt about that, and it gives Rockstar an opportunity to once again show off the incredible capabilities of the RDR2 engine. It seems like a win-win situation for everyone involved. But, and it's a big but, this is by no means a proper confirmation of a remake on the way. This leak could just be a hoax, no matter how much sense we think it makes. Rockstar hasn't, right now, got any plans confirmed for the next stages of either GTA or RDR so we're just going to have to wait patiently and see what happens.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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