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'Marvel's Wolverine' Is A "Mature" Full-Sized Game, Says Director

'Marvel's Wolverine' Is A "Mature" Full-Sized Game, Says Director

Stabby stabby

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

One of the clear highlights of last week's PlayStation showcase was the entirely unexpected reveal of Marvel's Wolverine.

Not content with already being one of the most exciting PlayStation 5 studios thanks to games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Insomniac Games is now developing a single-player action-adventure game based on the Adamantium Avenger. That's alongside Marvel's Spider-Man 2, by the way.

Take a look at Wolverine in action below!

As exciting as this new addition to Insomniac's Marvel universe is, we'll have to be patient. Wolverine is still in early development, which means it's still a long way off and there's plenty we won't know for a while.

Fortunately, the game's director Brian Horton has answered one of the most burning questions fans have had since the game was announced. Wolverine has, of course, always been one of Marvel's darker and more violent characters. He doesn't use those claws for tickling enemies, after all. With that in mind, the fans want to know if Insomniac will be embracing this bloodier side of the character, or play it a little safer.

Horton can't say much at this stage, but in response to one fan he did confirm that Wolverine will be a "full-sized" game with a "mature tone". Quite what that means in terms of how much blood and guts we'll see remains to be seen, but at the very least we can take comfort in knowing this probably means Insomniac won't shy away from the fact Wolverine kills enemies by slashing them apart with his very sharp claws. As it should be.

Marvel's Wolverine will release after Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is currently aiming for a 2023 release window. It's a good time to be a Marvel fan... assuming you have a PS5, that is.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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