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New Data Uncovers Which Console The World Wants More

New Data Uncovers Which Console The World Wants More

Gimme some truth.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

A new report has revealed which is the most sought-after console brand around the globe, and the results are rather intriguing.

It's been a long time coming, but the advent of the next generation of hardware is almost in our grasp. It's absolutely in the grasp of media publications and content creators, who have received PlayStation 5s and Xbox Series Xs for review and given us the skinny. We've seen that the PS5 has an utterly unnecessary yet seriously stylish detail across its panels and accessories, and its cooling fan will continue to be improved even after launch. We've discovered that the XSX wasn't always destined to be a hefty chonker, and no,it's not hot enough to fry up a full English while mid-match in Warzone.

However, it's tough to tell just which console is making the greatest splash, when our attention darts from one to the other so rapidly, and threatens to cause our heads to swivel off our shoulders. Thankfully, someone's gathered the deets to see which console brand is striding ahead at this vital moment. Conducted by search agency Rise at Seven and encompassing more than 160 countries, the team used global search and online market share data to ascertain the geography of the console brands.

A map of the world, showing which console brand is most popular in which country /
Rise at Seven

Displayed on a black and white map of the world, it's evident that PlayStation steals the lead, with 84% of the global online market share from more than 90% of the countries surveyed. However, in some cases, there's not much in it. For example, UK and US consumers are marginally more interested in the PlayStation 5, and it accounts for 57% of the market share in both of these countries. A possible explanation for this is that the PS5 and the XSX have similar price points, and so consumers are weighing up the bang for their buck ahead of the festive season. Expectedly, PlayStation triumphs in Japan, with 99% of the market share, though this could change over time owing to Microsoft's renewed efforts to impress Japanese gamers.

On the other hand, places like Afghanistan, American Samoa, China and Gabon are much more invested in the Xbox. In China, Xbox holds a 54% share, whereas in Afghanistan, it enjoys a whopping 90% portion of the country's market. Another recent report claimed that the Xbox Series X is leagues ahead of the PlayStation 5, according to data skimmed from Google Trends. Globally, the former is receiving twice the attention of the latter, which is very interesting when combined with these new discoveries.

We'll see how it all shakes down in November, when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch with their stunning technical specs and exciting line-up of titles.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Microsoft

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