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New ‘Apex Legends’ Map Was Originally A Concept For 'Titanfall 3'

New ‘Apex Legends’ Map Was Originally A Concept For 'Titanfall 3'

It's as close as we're getting to a 'Titanfall 3'.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

If you're familiar with the battle royale Apex Legends then you'd know that the game is deeply based in the Titanfall universe. Both titles feature a futuristic idea of Earth where robots are a little smarter than we're used to and a dog-eat-dog mentality is imbued into almost all the characters we meet. They're similar because they're humorous and hardcore but we didn't realise that the new Apex Legends map coming in Season 7 of the game, is closer to Titanfall 3 than we realised.

Respawn Entertainment, the team behind Apex Legends and Titanfall 1 and 2 had some idea of what Titanfall 3 would have looked like if the game was created, but instead, some of those ideas have been folded into a new map for the battle royale.

In a recent interview, game director Chad Grenier, says that "at one point, there was a Titanfall 3 in the works". He goes on to explain that the style of new map Olympus was "something that we were exploring for the next Titanfall game".

"While we were building Titanfall, we sort of discovered this battle royale game mode within that, our Titanfall universe. And we were just so excited about it that we ended up making Apex instead. So we have all of these maps... this very large map that looks very similar to Olympus. It's the same style, sort of on the cutting room floor. And so we went back to that for sure. I think what we ended up with now with Olympus is better since we've had more time to improve it."

The map isn't entirely lifted from the old concepts though, it was mostly the idea of a "floating city in the air concept" which is what gave the team the basis for the arena to play in, which, by the way looks fantastic. The perfect playground for new legend Horizon to explore and for the old roster to settle into. You can read the full interview with Chad Grenier over on Eurogamer.

Featured Image Credit: Respawn

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