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'Monster Hunter' Movie Will Be As Accurate As Possible To The Games

'Monster Hunter' Movie Will Be As Accurate As Possible To The Games

The director is approaching it not as a filmmaker, but as a long-term player.

Dean Abdou

Dean Abdou

The upcoming Monster Hunter movie adaptation, which is being directed by Paul W.S Anderson, got its first teaser trailer earlier this month giving fans a tiny glimpse at what the monsters will look like. Since the teaser's debut, Anderson shared a few more details with Polygon to entice fans of the franchise and let them know that the movie will be as accurate as possible to the games.

Monster Hunter /
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"I've long been a fan of the video game. I discovered it in Japan 12 years ago when it was pretty much a Japanese-only phenomena, before the rest of the world discovered what Monster Hunter was," Anderson said on a panel at New York Comic-Con. "This really is a long-term passion project of mine and I'm approaching it not just as a filmmaker but also as a kind of long-term player and fan of it."

In the interview with Polygon, Anderson shared more details about the project such as how the cast dealt with swinging the giant swords during the movie's production, which Ron Perlman in particular complained a lot about. Anderson also noted that Capcom had quite a bit of involvement in this project, because of course they too would like to make sure that the movie is as faithful as possible to the franchise fans have grown to love.

"I think that passion for their project is something that Capcom really respected. And the closeness of my relationship with the creator of the game - we worked very closely with Capcom on this one, much closer than on any other movie I've made. They were very, very involved with it."

This isn't Anderson's first rodeo with turning a Capcom franchise into a movie franchise with Milla Jovovich taking the lead. Anderson was also behind the Resident Evil movie franchise, which spanned over 6 movies and brought in $1.23 billion. It's no surprise then, that Capcom would trust Anderson to take the reign for Monster Hunter seeing as the Resident Evil franchise is the highest-grossing film series based on a video game to date.

Monster Hunter is set to make its debut in cinemas this December, whether that will happen though is a little up in the air due to the current pandemic.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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