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'GTA 6' And 'Vice City' Domains Were Just Updated By Rockstar Parent Company

'GTA 6' And 'Vice City' Domains Were Just Updated By Rockstar Parent Company

It's happening!

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive just quietly updated the domains for "gtavicecityonline' and ''. This comes off the back of a few months of particularly strong rumours that suggest in-development Grand Theft Auto VI will indeed be taking place in sunny Vice City. GTA VIce City, anyone?

As spotted over on Reddit, Take-Two appears to have updated just these two domains specifically, as you can see here. Whether this is standard practice, a sign of what's to come, or even just a way for the company to cash in on all the Vice City rumours flying around right now remains to be seen. Regardless, this is definitely an interesting move given everything that's been going on lately.

GTA Vice City /

Earlier this month, an 80's electro synth artist claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Rockstar Games has been reaching out to various artists to feature their work on the Grand Theft Auto VI soundtrack. According to "Vector Hold", the studio has been looking for Synthwave artists for one of the game's Vice City-inspired radio stations.

Not long before that, a GTA leaker who previously predicted a number of GTA Online updates as well as the GTA V port also claimed that open-world crime game would be taking us back to Vice City.

In a detailed post over on Reddit, user markothemexicam said that GTA VI will be set in Vice City, a location we haven't seen since the 2006 PS2-era game. He also notes that while the PS2 classic took place in the 1980s, GTA VI will be set in an "unspecified" time period. The leaker also claims the upcoming game will have unique weather systems that will actually affect NPCs, including "random lightning strikes", and that an announcement is coming in 2021.

GTA: Vice City /

Markofthemexicam claims to have gotten his information from a roommate that used to work for Rockstar North, before being let go along with nearly 100 other employees. Apart from getting a few GTA Online announcements right ahead of time in the past, this is a completely unverified source. However, this coupled with Vector Hold's deleted tweet and the updated web domains? Well, it certainly looks like something is coming together.

Previous rumours from 2019 suggested that GTA VI would be inspired by the hit show Narcos, and see players travelling between Vice City and Mexico in a story centered around smuggling drugs. As much as we love the sound of this, we won't know for sure until the famously tight-lipped Rockstar decides to share something official. A return trip to Vice City is looking more and more likely, though.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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