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'Ghost Of Tsushima 2’ Is Definitely Happening, According To Job Listing

'Ghost Of Tsushima 2’ Is Definitely Happening, According To Job Listing

Jin there, done that.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

We now know that Sucker Punch Production has its nose to the grindstone developing the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, in keeping with this job opportunity at the studio.

After building up and focusing on the inFamous series for five years, the company chose a change of tack for their next undertaking, while factoring in the lessons they'd learned about open-world games. Of course, the project became one of PlayStation's best-selling titles in 2020, but the team had many more ideas before they settled on the island of Tsushima during the Mongol invasion. These included a game centred around pirates, another telling the story of The Three Musketeers, and perhaps most interestingly, one about Scottish outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor.

However, it's evident that Sucker Punch Productions harbour a passion for this specific period and setting, which was illuminated in the beautiful environments and gruelling combat systems in the game. "This is a game that is entirely grounded in reality. We're trying hard to transport people to 1274 Japan," said Nate Fox, director of Ghost of Tsushima. "We're inspired by history, but we're not building it back stone by stone. We're not trying to rebuild Tsushima island. Our protagonist is a work of fiction. We actually thought about using some historical figures, and we asked some people who are more culturally aware than us and they said that it would be insensitive, so we didn't do it."

In that vein, Toshihiro Nagoshi praised Ghost of Tsushima, and pointed out that it is an example of an Eastern story being told by Western writers to great effect. Undoubtedly, the wind is in Sucker Punch Production's sails, and the developer is apparently already beavering away on the sequel to Jin's story. Right now, there's an opening for a combat designer and the details for the role specifically refer to the game.

Ghost Of Tsushima /
Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sucker Punch Productions

The potential applicant will need to have three or more years of design experience, and must "understand [the] core combat systems" of Ghost of Tsushima. Additionally, they will require a "contemporary knowledge of modern combat design," as well as "experience working on melee combat systems" and "experience working on progression and investment systems."

We'd thought that Ghost of Tsushima 2 was almost a given, owing to its stratospheric success and how well it reviewed with players and critics alike. So, it's nice to know that we will be returning to Jin's story, and it might even arrive as a cross-generational title for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Fingers crossed!

Featured Image Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

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