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Add Some Withering New Call Of Duty Lobby Put-Downs To Your Repertoire

Add Some Withering New Call Of Duty Lobby Put-Downs To Your Repertoire

"Not even Noah's Ark can carry you animals".

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

What's the most creative insult you've ever heard in a Call Of Duty lobby? It's an interesting question, and one with many possible answers.

Online gaming can be brutal, of course, and COD lobbies are no exception. But any idiot can immediately be as crass and offensive as possible to try and make their point. It takes a skilled mind to absolute take apart your fellow players in a way that doesn't make you look and sound like a colossal bag of toxic garbage. That's where creativity comes in.

Over on TikTok, user itsjustcaddy asked his followers what the most creative insult they'd ever heard in a COD lobby was, and there are some absolutely golden replies. To be clear, the best replies were the ones that were actually, genuinely creative. Not at the expense of anyone's mum, or gender, or race. Some stuff deserves to stay locked away in 2009 lobbies, frankly. Anyway, without further ado, take a look below at some of the highlights.

"Not even Noah's Ark can carry you animals." - Queso

"You pay rent to live in that scope, don't you?" - We Are

"You're the reason there are instructions on shampoo bottles." - Menacing

"You literally sound like the type of person who'd climb over a glass wall to see what's on the other side." - Ryan Guidroz

"Carry a plant around to make up for all the oxygen you waste." - mert_kaan_kurt

"You sound like you have a perm." - Requis. This one is so incredibly dumb, but I did laugh at it for a full minute.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

"I was told to go back to the campaign by a seven-year-old." - Anon User

"You're about as useful as the traffic lights in GTA" - Robbieleamy

"You're the type of guy to bring a ruler to see how long you sleep" - Benben

"I'm carrying y'all harder than Atlas carried that mf stone" - Bastion Karlsson. Atlas actually carried the sky on his shoulders but... I'll allow it. It's not every day someone tries to incorporate Greek mythology into a Call Of Duty burn.

"Lagging won't save you in real-life, kid." - Normal_person

"You're the reason your gran gets bullied at Bingo." - Anon User. I have absolutely no idea what that even means, but points for creativity I guess.

There you have it, kids. Next time you're playing Call Of Duty: Warzone and feel the urge to hurl an insult at a useless teammate or friend, maybe store away these absolute gems to be used at your leisure.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/itsjustcaddy

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