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First 'Dragon Age 4' Trailer Has Finally Dropped, And It Looks Stunning

First 'Dragon Age 4' Trailer Has Finally Dropped, And It Looks Stunning

It took them a Dragon Age to get this out.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

EA and BioWare finally dropped the first trailer for Dragon Age 4, confirming key story details and laying down the ground for what we can expect from the upcoming RPG.

"The world of Dragon Age needs a new hero," EA teased in the trailer's description. "Someone who can take on the evil forces threatening Thedas. Get a first look at some of the new locations you'll discover and the factions fighting by your side in the next chapter of Dragon Age!"

You can check out the trailer for yourself below, along with a look at how some of the game's many stunning fantasy environments are shaping up. No, it's not quite as substantial a look as we'd been hoping for, but it sure looks like a Dragon Age game. I'll take what I can get for now.

The last game in the series was Dragon Age: Inquisition, which was released in 2014, and was met with hefty critical acclaim. BioWare finally announced that it was working on a sequel at the 2018 Game Awards, after reports that a previous version had been cancelled due to behind-the-scenes struggles. It's been fairly slow going since then, and we sadly still don't have a release date for the new Dragon Age 4 (which isn't technically called Dragon Age 4 but is being referred to for the sake of ease.

The good news is that this latest trailer seems to suggest things are moving along nicely at BioWare. Who knows, maybe we'll see it in 2021? Maybe? Possibly? Please.

Considering BioWare's last two games, Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, fell flat, the pressure is very much on for BioWare to come out swinging with an RPG that reminds us why the studio is one of the best at what it does when it's firing on all cylinders. I sincerely hope Dragon Age 4 is the game to do that, and not just because it's been over half a decade since the last game in the epic fantasy series.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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