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​‘Elden Ring’, The George RR Martin FromSoftware game, Is Actually Real

​‘Elden Ring’, The George RR Martin FromSoftware game, Is Actually Real

The rumours were true: FromSoftware is working with George RR Martin on a video game and now we have a trailer, too.

Julian Benson

Julian Benson

This year has seen the strangest rumour whispering its way through the games industry: Game of Thrones author George RR Martin is working with Dark Souls developer FromSoftware. Well, as unlikely as it might seem, it's actually true.

The Martin FromSoftware collaboration is called Elden Ring and it looks to pull from the fine things of both partners. The trailer tells us that something called the Elden Ring has been destroyed - "shattered by someone or something" - and the breaking of the ring has had dire consequences for the game's world. The sky has turned a blood red, it is burning.

All we have officially to go on is the trailer, which you can see below:

FromSoftware isn't exactly being forthcoming on its Twitter account:

However, considering this game was first hinted at through rumour we can take another look at what was said about it before it was announced. The game would start you in a broken world, as a hero who was, while not weak, ready to be formed. It would be an action RPG, similar to other FromSoftware games. Importantly, the structure of the game was that you would need to travel to different kingdoms and kill their rulers' to absorb their power.

Oh, and it would be an open world you could traverse on horseback.

Considering FromSoftware's back catalogue, Elden Ring is an extremely exciting prospect. The studio just doesn't do bad games. Even in the case of Dark Souls 2, a game fans often say lacked the spark of the others in the series, there was still a lot to like. What's particularly interesting about Elden Ring is just how the collaboration with G RR Martin will manifest? Will it feel markedly different from the studios other work?

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