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'DOOM Eternal' Campaign Length Confirmed, Nearly Twice As Long As The Last Game

'DOOM Eternal' Campaign Length Confirmed, Nearly Twice As Long As The Last Game

More room to DOOM.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

2016's DOOM reboot really was something else, huh? A gore-soaked, glistening, slip-slidy tear through the depths of hell, replete with big guns, brutal executions, and a sublime soundtrack to accompany all the limb-ripping fun. For my money, id Software created one of the best shooters in years with DOOM.

Still, I had one small complaint when it came to DOOM: The campaign was far too short. Don't get me wrong, I was happy just to see a campaign in a first-person shooter in 2016, but I feel like it ended just as my demon-slaying juices really started to flow. A pity, to be sure... but that's why I'm all the more excited for DOOM Eternal, which looks to be going harder than its predecessor in every way - including the length of the campaign.

DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal

In a recent interview with GameSpot, DOOM Eternal's Creative Director Hugo Martin confirmed that the hellish shooter's campaign is over 22 hours, making it twice the length of its predecessor. I'm basing that on the typically reliable How Long To Beat, by the way, which puts DOOM 2016's campaign at around 11 and a half hours.

Of course, length doesn't necessarily equate to a good game. Especially if all we're doing is moving from arena to arena fighting demons until the credits roll. The good news is that Martin said the studio is "hell-bent on engaging you from beginning to end," with plenty of surprises across the course of the story.

That tracks with a lot of the impressions of the game from a recent preview event. There's been a lot of praise for DOOM Eternal so far, with many saying that the opening hours throw out more ideas that the entirety of DOOM 2016. Sounds good to me. You can check out our own thoughts on the upcoming shooter in the video below.

Martin also talked up the variety the game has on offer, explaining to GameSpot that it never really lets up. "The fun is mastering it," he explained. "Because that power fantasy, you're going to earn that... the game is just going to let you put it on display."

"The third act of the game is just like, 'Okay, let's see how you do.' It's Bruce Lee walking into the dojo, just like, 'I'm going to wreck 30 dudes,' you know?'"

"Every aspect of the game has depth, has meaning, and is smarter than you think it is," Martin told GamesRadar. "You're surprised at how deep the different aspects of the game are. It's like on the outside, Oh yeah, Doom, it's junk food. But that doesn't mean it can't be loaded with nutritional content. Fun on the outside, smart on the inside."

You had my curiosity, DOOM Eternal. Now you have my attention.

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