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Cancelled Avengers Game Footage Emerges, Looks Like 'Left 4 Dead'

Cancelled Avengers Game Footage Emerges, Looks Like 'Left 4 Dead'

Marvel really did leave it for dead.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Gameplay from a cancelled Avengers title has surfaced online, and it looks an awful lot like Valve's fast-paced zombie-slayer Left 4 Dead.

The game was meant to release in 2012 alongside the first Avengers film, but a host of problems - not least the fact that Marvel cancelled the development contract with THQ Studio Australia, who were sinking in a sea of money trouble - caused it to vanish. Until now, that is.

Appearing on the YouTube channel of popular gaming historian Andrew Borman (via GameSpot) the pre-alpha footage bears an uncanny resemblance to Left 4 Dead, as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America team up in four-player co-op to do battle against the nasties of the world. The menu screen seems to show that a single-player variant of the game was also being planned.

The gameplay showcases Iron Man making use of his ability to hover and drift around levels, fighting off baddies with his pulse bolts, quad rockets and plain old fists. Thor naturally uses lightning attacks and Mjölnir to do damage, while Captain America chucks his shield around. Hulk smashes.

Those interested may remember that the game did actually have an internal trailer surface (again, on YouTube) back in 2012. It showed locations like Manhattan, Triskelion and the Helicarrier among others, and gave a basic feel of how the game would play. This latest footage though, delves much deeper into the feel of the doomed project, and how it would have played out.

Marvel's Avengers /
Square Enix

In related Avengers news, Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers is still very much alive and set for release this September. After being met with a relatively cold shoulder by fans when it was revealed at E3 in 2019, Square Enix doubled-down on their commitment to get the game right, and delayed it accordingly.

There's also going to be a special stream for the game aired on June 24th instead of the presumably planned showcase that would have taken place at E3, which is on a year's hiatus due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel / THQ

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