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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Season 4 Could Introduce Zombies, Report Claims

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Season 4 Could Introduce Zombies, Report Claims

Dead rising.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

With Season 4 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty: Warzone right around the corner, fans are excited to find out what the next batch of content has in store. We're particularly intrigued to see how Infinity Ward intends to push forward the slowly developing narrative of the battle royale mode.

Gradually, the developer has been ramping up the mystery in Verdansk. Mysterious coded messages. Bunkers containing unarmed nukes. Howling wolves at various points across the map. Something is coming, of this there can be no doubt. But what?

Call of Duty: Warzone /

Some have speculated that zombies - a popular aspect of Call Of Duty since World At War - will be staggering into the game as Season 4 arrives. A lot of fans believed that when the bunkers finally opened it would be a zombie horde that came spilling out, but that never came to pass. However, a recent discovery in the files of Warzone suggests that the undead could rise in another way.

As you can see from the tweet below (courtesy of ModernWarzone), multiple references to zombies have been discovered in the battle royale. You can see the full list for yourself below, but the most recent finding is that of Spaceland documents in Verdansk. For those who don't know, Spaceland was the zombie mode in Infinite Warfare, which was Infinity Ward's last crack at Call Of Duty before 2019's Modern Warfare reboot.

As some have pointed out, there's every chance that Infinity Ward is simply re-using some old assets. But when you add this to all of the other strange, unexplained findings in the game so far? The possibility of a zombie attack in Verdansk certainly can't be dismissed.

Will zombies arrive as soon as Season 4 lands, though? I doubt it. To be entirely honest, I'm not convinced they'll arrive as part of Season 4 at all. It's more likely that Infinity Ward continues to drop teasers and mysteries throughout the fourth season, potentially unleashing the undead as some kind of Halloween event.

My best guess is that there'll be some form of limited-time mode that sees players having to fight off zombies as well as enemy teams. I'd be all for that. We'll just have to wait and see exactly how it happens, but given the enduring popularity of zombies in Call Of Duty, I'd bet everything that it's only a matter of time before they join the battle royale.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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