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Salty Call Of Duty Loser Can't Handle Being Beaten By A Woman, Turns To Insults

Salty Call Of Duty Loser Can't Handle Being Beaten By A Woman, Turns To Insults

Jump shots are just part of the game.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

If you've played online games you've probably either experienced toxicity or been a little toxic yourself. Whether that be arguing that you lost because you're lagging or that the enemy got a lucky shot, we've all been at least a little upset that something hasn't gone our way but this one Call of Duty player is just another level of salty.

Lexlou930 on TikTok posted a video of what happened when she was clearly the best player in a CoD lobby and someone on the enemy team couldn't handle it. Lexlou was minding her own business and carrying her team when someone on the other side picked up that she was a woman and that her *checks notes* jump-shotting is clearly a sign of inferiority. Kind of weird bro.

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What ensues is the enemy player calling Lexlou transphobic insults, insulting their playstyle, insulting other people on the teams who were quote unquote "simping" and more. And to top it all off, he gets most angry when Lexlou keeps her cool and rebuttals with a "honey". He was upset that she called him honey though he slung all those other words at her, it's ridiculous.

You can watch the video below but be warned it's some pretty vicious language...

Needless to say, this is perhaps some of the most ridiculous rages I have ever seen in a CoD lobby. Some people just need to get up, stretch, drink a glass of water and go outside for like five minutes. She's a better player than you man, get over it and move on, use this as a lesson to go and get better at the game and perhaps learn some jump shots of your own? Look out for yourself dude, all that salt and anger won't be good for your blood pressure as you get older.

You can find Lexlou930's TikTok account here if you want to give her a follow.

Featured Image Credit: Lexilou930 via Tiktok / Activision

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