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'Apex Legends' Season 4 Features A New Legend With Major 'Titanfall' Connection

'Apex Legends' Season 4 Features A New Legend With Major 'Titanfall' Connection

Forge a new path.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

As the EA-published Apex Legends inches towards its first anniversary, developer Respawn Entertainment has revealed a little more about the free-to-play battle royale's future. Specifically, the studio has been talking about the game's upcoming Season 4 of content, sharing a few juicy details regarding what we can expect when it lands.

During a recent developer livestream, Respawn detailed some of the changes coming to the battle royale, as well as a new weapon, and a brief look at the newest character (or Legend). He's called Forge, a former MMA champion. You can check him out below. From the looks of it, it seems that Forge will be a melee-focused character who gets up close and personal with his opponents.

Apex Legends /

Forge is actually sponsored by an in-game company called Hammond Robotics, which is a neat reference to the wider Titanfall universe. We haven't heard much of Hammond in Apex Legends, but in the Titanfall games, it's established as a major interplanetary corporation that specialises in arms manufacturing, even producing the Titans and various other forms of robotic badassery.

A little later on in the livestream, Respawn teased that the World's Edge map, which was introduced in Season 3, will see some big changes in Season 4. The developer hinted that Hammond Robotics might just have something to do with those changes... so we could be about to see a lot more Titanfall in Apex Legends. I'd certainly be more than up for that.

Respawn also showed off a brand-new weapon called the Sentinel. A formidable bolt-action sniper rifle, it's a slower weapon, Respawn said; but it'll also be the most powerful sniper in the game when it releases. So that's pretty cool for any sneaky boys and girls out there.

The Sentinel also has a charged firing mode that allows players to line up even more powerful, riskier shots. I'm excited to see how the new weapon gets used when Season 4 lands. No doubt there'll be calls to nerf it within hours of becoming available.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Finally, Respawn teased a special Apex Legends anniversary event that will, funnily enough, celebrate the game's first year. Players will be able to get hold of a bunch of new cosmetics, as well as a new badge, which looks different depending on when you started playing the game. There'll also be a limited-time XP boost, and some other, currently unannounced rewards.

We've got all of this and more to look forward to when Season 4 of Apex Legends drops on February 4th - the same date as the game's first anniversary.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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