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A New The Lord Of The Rings Game Is In Development

A New The Lord Of The Rings Game Is In Development

It's quite simple.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Warner Bros. has announced that a new game set in The Lord Of The Rings universe is in development. But before you get too excited, this isn't the AAA open world RPG for next-gen consoles that I know you so desperately crave. No, The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War is an upcoming mobile game.

Are you still reading? Okay, so I'm sure a lot of you didn't want to hear that it's a mobile game, but it actually sounds really cool. Rise To Warwill be based on the original Tolkien novels rather than the Peter Jackson movies, for one thing. It's also set in the Third Age of Middle-earth, and "will recreate the fictional world of Arda in a visually stunning and completely faithful rendition, with iconic characters and locations from the original trilogy".

It's still not entirely clear what kind of game Rise To War will be. But as you can see from the image below, Sauron's army appears to be marching on Minas Tirith. My best guess is that it'll be a real-time strategy game. That or a tower defence kind of of deal. Either would be pretty cool in the context of The Lord Of The Rings.

The Lord Of The Rings /
Warner Bros

Rise To War is being developed by NetEase, a Chinese company that works with Blizzard on a number of titles. The studio helps to run World Of Warcraft in China, and is also developing the the mobile game Diablo Immortal. Remember that one? I bet you do.

Those of you hoping to get your next fix of The Lord Of The Rings on console will have to wait for Gollum. The stealth-action adventure is being developed for next-gen consoles by Daedalic Entertainment, and follows the journey of everyone's favourite slimy grey weirdo through Middle Earth.

A number of screenshots of the project leaked earlier this year. It certainly looks... interesting. Of course, it's worth noting that the game is still very much in development, so who's to say if those screens are indicative of the finished product? As always, I'd advise waiting for official news on the game before making any real judgments.

Until then, I live in hope that Warner Bros. opens its eyes and realises what the people really want from a game based on The Lord Of The Rings: a Harvest Moon-style game set in Hobbinton. You know it makes sense.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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