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The Legend Of Zelda In Unreal Engine 5 Looks So Good I Want To Cry

The Legend Of Zelda In Unreal Engine 5 Looks So Good I Want To Cry

Be right back I need some tissues.

Since the release of the Unreal Ending 5 beta, we’ve been seeing some incredible visual designs from developers. Though the full version of the engine isn’t out yet, the tech released by Epic Games is already allowing designers to explore Nanite and Lumen capabilities to beautiful effect. And they’re absolutely gorgeous and well used in this Legend of Zelda ideation. 

This incredible Legend of Zelda concept was spotted by the Dark Side of Gaming and it’s so lovely it makes us want to cry a little bit. The video is uploaded to a YouTube channel by the name of OotavidMann, and though small, its owner has made something pretty mighty. The concept visuals show little scenes you may see in a full game, like Majora’s Mask on the woodland ground. It’s so well made that I would believe someone if they said this was what a Legend of Zelda movie would look like. 

The ocarina from Ocarina of Time also makes an appearance in another scene, looking incredible of course. But the centerpiece of the entire video is probably the stairs leading up to the Master Sword. I would like to have this game right now, please. 

Although it’s not a playable demo (Nintendo would already be writing a strongly worded letter if it was), it feels like a good look at what is to come in games. Unreal Engine 5 is going to be a widely available piece of software in the not too distant future, and even if Nintendo isn’t going to make a Zelda game in it, that’s not to say other games inspired by Zelda won’t be. 

And that’s not all Unreal Engine 5 can do. It can deal with areas with millions of crabs, or maybe make gorgeous environments like huge forests. Fans have even remade the trailer for Bioshock in Unreal Engine 5 to stunning effect.

Featured Image Credit: OotavidMann

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