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The First 9,000 Player Game Has Arrived, And It's Intense AF

The First 9,000 Player Game Has Arrived, And It's Intense AF

Scavengers is showing off some cool stuff ahead of early access.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Scavengers, an upcoming survival shooter that pits you and your squad against competitors and a savage environment, is able to support 9,000 players simultaneously and the scenes are incredible.

For starters, the setting and story is a mix of Horizon Zero Dawn, Far Cry: New Dawn, and The Day Before. Following the destruction of the Moon from an asteroid and the cold snap that froze the Earth, humankind is under threat from the virus that spread from one of its fragments. This Scourge transforms victims into violent and volatile mutants, whereas desperation has caused marauders to take drastic measures and defend their territory with their life. However, there is hope. Mother is the AI protector of the remaining outposts, and she directs survivors to extant data caches in order to learn from the past and create a cure for the Scourge. Seems simple enough, but when everyone and everything is out to end you, that's where Scavengers shines. But, if you're more of a visual than a verbal learner, then there's a trailer for your perusal below.

"Experience a new kind of competitive shooter, where every match offers multiple strategic avenues," read the description from Midwinter Entertainment. "Your objectives: capture more datapoints than rival squads, and stay alive - the rest is up to you. Track enemy players through snow, pit AI wildlife against adversaries, use storms and shelters to your advantage, stealthily navigate outposts, or take on the world guns blazing. It's Player-vs-Environment-vs-Player, and creativity equals victory." What's more is that Scavengers' survivors boast "signature abilities and weapons", allowing players to adapt to the game and personalise their hero to their liking.

However, this isn't the reason why it's piqued our curiosity. As per a preview from PC Gamer, it's possible to host 9,000 players in a single game. Yep. Read it once, read it twice, and it's true. ScavLab is the testing zone for such lofty goals, as the core multiplayer mode is limited to 60 people. James Davenport said that the admins were giant versions of the character models and would issue instructions to the thousands of players through voice chat. They then got the crowds to answer silly questions, split into groups based on their IRL location, and even play tennis with them by throwing them across the map between the giants.

It's ripe for hijinks, and I think the mischief that streamers could get up to with the ScavLab potentialities could carve a space for the game in a saturated genre. To those of you who want to keep an eye on Scavengers, it enters early access through Steam on April 28th.

Featured Image Credit: Midwinter Entertainment

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