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'Grand Theft Auto 6' Will "Disappoint" Fans, Warns Insider

'Grand Theft Auto 6' Will "Disappoint" Fans, Warns Insider

That's not what you wanna hear...

Grand Theft Auto VI is suffering from a very messy development, according to multiple reports. And at least one insider has claimed that fans may be left "disappointed" by the final product.

It's fair to say that the incredible amount of pressure on Rockstar Games to deliver something truly special in GTA VI. It is, after all, the sequel to GTA Vone of the biggest games ever made. Having to build and improve upon a game like that sounds like... a lot.

For those of you keeping count, it's been nearly eight years since GTA V launched. We're still no closer to knowing when exactly GTA VI will be ready. We’ve heard rumours, of course. Alleged leakers have claimed the game will be set in Vice City, that it’ll feature a constantly evolving open world, and that it might not actually be here until 2023.

How true any of this is remains to be seen, but what we're currently hearing is that the game isn't in the best state right now. Twitter user AccNgt, who just recently leaked the Quantic Dream Star Wars game ahead of its reveal, has taken to social media to warn that GTA VI is in development hell.

"Some people don't realize how chaotic the development is," they wrote, adding that there will be "disappointment for many people for some aspects" of the game - though not on the "graphics side", apparently.

Take this with a pinch of salt for now. While AccNgt was on the money with Star Wars, their sources on Rockstar could be worth less.

This does, however, line up with a previous report from trusted insider Rockstar Mag’s Chris Liberty, who claimed just a few months back that development on GTA VI has been stopped and started several times. Liberty even described GTA VI as "the most chaotic project of Rockstar since its creation”, which is... alarming.

Hopefully Rockstar can cut through the speculation and show off something concrete soon. It's worth noting that there were eight years between Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption II, so a lengthy development period is nothing new for the company.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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