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'Skyrim' Is Hiding A Secret Vampire NPC, And I Feel Dumb For Never Noticing

'Skyrim' Is Hiding A Secret Vampire NPC, And I Feel Dumb For Never Noticing

Well, this sucks

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

I would argue that vampires stand among the most fearsome of all the creatures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Dragons start off pretty fearsome but eventually become nothing more than flying pests. Falmer are creepy as hell, but easy enough to get around. But vampires? Those guys are capable of giving adventurers some real trouble, especially if they're not prepared.

Given how powerful they are, most of the vampires of Skyrim are pretty open about the fact they're bloodsucking night-fiends. However, it turns out that there's at least one NPC that was secretly a vampire this entire time - and I might just be one of the last people to realise.

Take a look at our very own special tour of Skyrim below:

Over on Reddit, a curious player wanted to know why Sybille Stentor - the Blue Palace's court wizard - was immune to Detect Lie. Fans were quick to respond that it's because she is, in fact, a vampire. This is absolutely news to me.

To my shame, I'm clearly one of the few people who never picked up on it. I'll admit I've never spent a ton of time in Solitude or the Blue Palace and Sybille is a super insignificant NPC, but now that all the clues have been put in front of me? I feel like a complete idiot.

While it's never explicitly said out loud that Sybille is a vampire, there are a near-comical amount of hints starting with the fact that I guess she actually does look like a vampire now that I think about it. The chef in the Blue Palace also mentions how she never eats anything, and others will explain to you that every now and again prisoners she visits with in the dungeons go missing. Oh, and she sleeps during the day and gets super defensive when you ask how she knew where to find a vampire nest as part of a miscellaneous quest.

To be fair, I'm not the only person who never realised. There are a handful of fellow gamers over on the Reddit thread who are just as taken aback as I was by the revelation, but we are quite clearly in the minority.

In conclusion, I love that Skyrim is such a massive game still capable of surprising me... but I hate that I'm one of the damn fools who never picked up on a screamingly obvious "secret". Thank you for time, and please don't judge me too harshly.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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