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Pokimane Explains The Downside To Having So Many Subscribers

Pokimane Explains The Downside To Having So Many Subscribers

The cost of fame

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Imane 'Pokimane' Anys is one of the most successful and well-known Twitch streamers on the planet. With over 8 million followers under her belt on Twitch alone, she's comfortably in the top 10 most popular personalities on the platform - but it turns out that popularity is causing some... technical issues.

While I'm going to assume most of the people reading this aren't famous - at least not on the level of Anys - you're probably familiar with the idea that fame brings its own unique set of problems. A lack of privacy, for one thing. Then there's the bizarre notion that you've no right to complain if you're rich and famous because, well, you're rich and famous.

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These are very real issues that impact a lot of people in the public eye. But Anys recently spoke of a much stranger problem, revealing that she's become so popular on Twitch that she cant even use emotes on the platform without it lagging in a big way.

Streamers are often gifted subs by viewers, and those subs come with their own custom emotes. Popular streamers get more subs, which equates to more emotes. This is where the problem lies, as Anys now has so many gifted subs that certain parts of Twitch have started slowing to a crawl.

During a recent stream Anys was asked if she's ever annoyed by the influx of random gifts. She opened her emote picker and demonstrated how she can't use it without it lagging horribly.

"I think it's so cute, it's lagging just by me clicking it. So I will just type a random word like love, it's lagging just by me typing it, and it shows all the gifted subs that have love emotes, is this not insane?" she said. She then showed off how her PC lags wen she scrolls through her subscription page.

Anys stressed that she doesn't really mind at all, and is honoured to have so many viewers still willing to gift her subs.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Pokimane

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