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OnlyFans Isn't A Real Job, Says FaZe Member Who Makes Living From 'Fortnite'

OnlyFans Isn't A Real Job, Says FaZe Member Who Makes Living From 'Fortnite'

Careful with that stone in this here glass house

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Late last night, content subscription service OnlyFans announced that it plans to stop allowing sexually explicit content on the platform. While users will still be able to share nude content on the site, it will need to be in line with OnlyFans' policies.

OnlyFans confirmed that the change is being brought in amid pressure from banking partners, in order to "ensure the long-term sustainability" of the platform. Needless to say, the move has been widely decried by the thousands of sex workers who had come to rely on the platform as a safe and reliable way to earn income.

In the midst of this, FaZe Clan member and self-proclaimed number one Fortnite player FaZe Sway decided to tweet out a needlessly snarky response to the sex workers who are dealing with a massive change.

"OnlyFans is removing porn from their site, meaning that you f*cks are gonna have to start getting a real job now," he wrote.

Wow. It's one thing to imply sex work isn't a real job (it absolutely is, by the way), but I'm not sure anybody who makes a living playing Fortnite is in a position to tell anybody what does or doesn't constitute actual graft. That's not to say FaZe Sway doesn't work hard to be good at what he does - I'm sure he does! But the people who rely on OnlyFans as a source of income work hard to be good at what they do too.

Predictably, others were quick to point out the hypocrisy rife in the pro gamer's tweet.

Disappointingly, the official FaZe Clan Twitter account doesn't seem to have acknowledged the problematic nature of what one of their biggest starts has said. Idk, I just think that if I were responsible for some of the most popular players on the planet, players that kids around the world look up to, I'd probably do more to ensure they set a better example.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games/Bella Thorne Via Instagram

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