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Red Dead Redemption 2 mod finally lets you play as Sadie Adler

Red Dead Redemption 2 mod finally lets you play as Sadie Adler

A new mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 expands the game's playable characters, giving the player control of fan-favourite Sadie Sadler

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be five years old in October, yet it’s still immensely popular amongst fans, who are still discovering new details in its open world, and repeatedly playing through its incredible story mode.

Aside from players who are just interested in playing the game over and over again, seeing what else they can see and do that they might have missed in previous playthroughs, there’s also a dedicated modding community. They’ve created some interesting stuff, from hot air balloons, overhauls to the game’s visuals, and more missions/bounties to complete.

One of the latest mods expands the game’s playable characters, adding a third option to the mix, Sadie Sadler. Simply titled “Playable Sadie Sadler” the mod is a simple reskin of the game’s primary protagonist, Arthur Morgan, giving players the option to play as a different person for once.

Red Dead Redemption games are known to have more than one playable character. In the first game, you play as John Marston, before switching over to his son Jack in the epilogue. Red Dead Redemption 2 was no different, switching control from Arthur back to John Marston after the game’s emotional sixth chapter, which many fans are calling an “absolute masterpiece”.

A mod that lets you play as Sadie Sadler is a great addition to the game, especially since she’s regarded as a fan-favourite character in the series. She’s actually so popular that many fans are hoping she’ll be the new protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 3, or, the star of her own spin-off title. Many were left disappointed when Rockstar Games didn’t release a single-player story DLC, about where Sadie went after leaving Arthur and his gang.

Not much is known about the future of the Red Dead Redemption series, mainly because Rockstar are focusing all of their efforts on Grand Theft Auto VI. Interestingly though, the voice actor for John Marston recently announced that he’d love to return to the character in a potential remake of the original Red Dead Redemption, or in a third entry of the series.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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