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Red Dead Redemption 2: Adventures Of Sadie Adler DLC concept gets fans hyped

Red Dead Redemption 2: Adventures Of Sadie Adler DLC concept gets fans hyped

Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are desperate for the series to continue, with a spin-off DLC concept that’s getting fans hyped.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is as popular as ever, with fans desperate for the series to continue in some way, like through a spin-off DLC concept that’s getting fans hyped.

Upon releasing nearly five years ago, Red Dead Redemption 2 has seen very little post-launch support. Sure, Red Dead Online received a few updates but players that favour the game’s single player offering have essentially been dying of thirst. It’s gotten so bad that petitions are being signed for Rockstar Games to create single-player DLC for the game, and some are simply making their own expansions, like this Undead Nightmare concept trailer.

With Rockstar’s attention to Grand Theft Auto VI, it’s unlikely we’ll be getting a new entry anytime soon, which is a shame because the voice actor for fan-favourite protagonist, John Marston, has expressed interest in a Red Dead Redemption remake and Red Dead Redemption 3.

Fans aren’t giving up though, and are creating their own concepts for spin-offs, sequels, and DLC expansions, such as the latest idea, Red Dead Revenge: Adventures of Sadie Sadler. Reddit user macmoosie shared the concept on the Red Dead subreddit, along with a mock-up of what a PS4 cover would look like.

Sadie Sadler was one of the three tritagonists in Red Dead Redemption 2, who joined Arthur Morgan’s gang after being rescued during one of the story chapters. Not much is known about where she ended up after the events of the game, which is why a spin-off storyline or DLC would be a great addition to the lore of the Red Dead Redemption world. It could follow her own adventures exploring the US after leaving the gang, or provide more context to her backstory, either way it definitely seems like something fans would be interested in.

“This would work as DLC. Play as Sadie after the gang. See how she became a bounty hunter. I would get it.”

“I'd rather have a "Red Dead Revolver 2" or a "Red Dead Redemption 3". Then you would either play as Red Harlow or Jack Marston. But still, this is awesome. Good work!”

“Use the same map but have entirely different missions. Use the RDR1 areas better for missions too. I really like this idea.”

Again, it’s unlikely we’ll see any new entries in the Red Dead Redemption series, which is a real shame considering it’s popularity at the moment. Rockstar are currently full-steam-ahead on GTA VI, which promises to be one of the biggest open-world games ever made, featuring multiple cities and locations, as well as expanded gameplay elements that’ll keep gamers busy for a while.

In the meantime though, fans can only speculate on what a continuation of Red Dead Redemption might look like in the future, and hope Rockstar are already planning a sequel/prequel or remaster.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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