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GTA 6 reveal teaser is jaw droppingly bizarre, fans agree

GTA 6 reveal teaser is jaw droppingly bizarre, fans agree

Grand Theft Auto fans are eagerly awaiting a GTA 6 reveal, with many convinced that it's coming this month due to suspicious activity.

So-called insiders have been proclaiming for months, heck even years, that they know when Rockstar Games is due to finally reveal Grand Theft Auto VI in full. To state the obvious, it’s yet to happen and so we continue to theorise. Just last week though, one ‘insider’ boldly dropped a potential reveal date of 26 October - and Rockstar Games itself just added major fuel to the fire.

Grand Theft Auto fans are certainly dedicated. Instead of waiting for an official reveal, many have been compiling leaks, essentially revealing parts of the game themselves. We already have a rough idea of what GTA VI’s map will look like - with fans under the impression that it’ll have over 100 unique locations. Elsewhere, fans analysed leaked footage to put together a fact sheet on the game’s wanted system, including exactly how police chases will unfold. Right now though, many remain convinced that something is happening on 26 October.

Take a look at this incredible Vice City remastered mod below - the rumoured setting of GTA VI.

This all began when Chris Marx took to Twitter to say that an announcement trailer would release on 26 October. It’s a mighty bold claim that could tarnish the leaker’s reputation. In the days following the tweet, Marx doubled down on his statement, confirming that he was willing to risk his credibility. Since then, he’s deleted his Twitter account. Make of that what you will.

Rockstar Games has just begun adding major fuel to the fire though. The studio’s Twitter account has been suspiciously quiet in recent days, with fans spotting that the account’s pinned tweet was removed. Many suspected that this could be in preparation for a major announcement. There’s also the GTA Online Moon Festival tweet, which is perhaps causing the biggest ruckus. Only the ‘V’ and ‘I’ of the Vinewood sign are prominently visible … VI … GTA VI?

That’s not all. Twitter user Dirty_Worka spotted that the image of the moon featured in the tweet was a Waning Gibbous at roughly 85%. Well, the moon reportedly enters its Waning Gibbous stage today, on 2 October. Dirty_Worka wrote, “Could this latest tweet not only tease VI, but point to the next big announcement?” While I’m not wholly convinced of this moon debacle, that prominent VI remains convincingly suspicious.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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