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GTA 6 police chase footage completely blows fans away

GTA 6 police chase footage completely blows fans away

Can we just have a GTA 6 release date, please?

It’s another day, which means it's another round of Grand Theft Auto VI leaks and rumours.

Rockstar Games announced that it was working on the next entry in the iconic series back in February 2022. Unfortunately, since that time we’ve had no further updates from the developer. We don't know exactly when the GTA VI release date is, what story it will tell and of course, we’re yet to see any recent gameplay.

Check out our GTA VI news round-up video below!

At the time of writing, the only bits of gameplay that we’ve seen so far are the infamous leaks taken from an early build of the game which will not be a true representation of its final form. What’s more, previous rumours have also claimed that GTA VI will take us back to Vice City, and it will star two playable protagonists named Jason and Lucia, inspired by the historic crime duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

Yet with Rockstar Games seemingly reluctant to give fans substantial updates, it’s no wonder we have to make do with what we can get. In fact, the likelihood is that the world will come to an end before we ever get to play Grand Theft Auto VI (probably).

Previously we mentioned the leaked gameplay, which some believe is what forced Rockstar Games to officially announce the development. Sportskeeda reports that a leaked 20-second gameplay clip showcases the new police chase mechanism. As such, some fans have been completely blown away at the prospect of GTA VI finally getting a somewhat believable police AI.

The initial clip that was shared by Sportskeeda, was taken from the leaks in September 2022, but the police chase has been making the rounds again across social media. The leaked clip shows a character (believed to be Lucia), shooting at a police SUV from a back of a truck in which another character is presumably driving.

One of the SUVs crashes, but instantly corrects itself to begin the chance once more. If this were to happen in previous Grand Theft Auto games, the police car would likely continue to bump into obstacles and eventually despawn once the player has distanced themselves. The rumoured improved AI also backs up previous reports made in August 2023.

The clip in question that was shared by a Twitter account that Sportkeeda refers to has apparently been removed for obvious reasons, but if you keyword ‘GTA 6 leaked police chase’ in the Twitter search bar, the footage from other accounts is not hard to find.

In recent news, an insider claims that GTA VI will finally be revealed this October, and another insider claims that it will command a 750GB file size. Yikes!

Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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