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Rockstar Issues Official Statement On ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Leaks

Rockstar Issues Official Statement On ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Leaks

“We are extremely disappointed… work will continue as planned.”

Rockstar Games has released an official statement addressing the leak of in-development Grand Theft Auto VI footage that spread across the internet on the weekend, details of which you’ll find here.

The company has posted a tweet captioned simply, “A message from Rockstar Games”. The message reads as follows:

“We recently suffered a network intrusion in which an unauthorised third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from our systems, including early development footage for the next Grand Theft Auto. At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to our live game services, nor any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing projects.

“We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way. Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned and we remain as committed as ever to delivering an experience to you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations.

“We will update everyone again soon and, of course, will properly introduce you to this next game when it’s ready. We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support through this situation.”

Some takeaways here, just quick. Firstly, Rockstar still isn’t calling this game Grand Theft Auto VI, so that’s something to keep in mind as we discuss the game. Secondly, it seems that the leaked material is indeed early footage, probably unrepresentative of where this game is at right now. And thirdly, neither the ongoing development of this new title nor the support for GTA Online will be overly affected by this “network intrusion” - which is to say, Rockstar was hacked.

As for “we will update everyone soon”, could that mean that a formal reveal of this new GTA is coming in the near future? It’s probably best to not start counting the days or anything, but if a release is set for 2024, then maybe? After all, we got our first look at Grand Theft Auto V in late 2011, two years before the game’s release.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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