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GTA 6 announcement trailer leak completely divides fans

GTA 6 announcement trailer leak completely divides fans

One insider has claimed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will get a full reveal next month, but fans are dubious.

According to one so-called insider, Rockstar Games will formally reveal Grand Theft Auto VI next month on 26 October, but fans of the franchise are dubious over the credibility of the claim.

It’s no secret that we’re all desperate for a GTA VI reveal. While we continue to receive radio silence from Rockstar, fans have been working hard on compiling a document that covers everything we know about the game based on last year’s leaks. Already, a mock-up map has been shared - and it could feature up to 100 unique locations. In fact, many believe the game will feature interstate travel too. Additionally, it sounds as if the franchise’s wanted system has received a complete overhaul. What we all want though is some official news to chew on. Well, according to one insider, that news could land next month.

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Self-proclaimed insider Chris Marx, username MarxxChris, took to Twitter to write, “I can now confirm that Grand Theft Auto VI announcement is set to release on 26 October 2023.” It’s a tricky one. Marx has proved to be correct before. The leaker correctly said that Payday 3, Dragon’s Dogma II, and a Fable reboot would all appear during this year’s Summer Game Fest events - and they did. To play devil’s advocate though, those would’ve been three educated guesses that I think a fair few of us could’ve made. It doesn’t necessarily mean Marx is privy to insider information.

Over on Reddit, GTA VI fans have been discussing whether they believe Marx. MartianFromBaseAlpha said, “It's probably bulls**t but I choose to believe it. It's been almost five years since RDR2 came out. Do something Rockstar,” while kensabrush added, “Considering Rockstar is so tight lipped about leaks and barely ever seems to have dates set well in advance for announcements, I really doubt this guy would know that GTA VI is going to be announced exactly a month from now, but it's also rockstar so maybe i'll be proven wrong.”

User chamomileinyohood pointed out, “No one has ever, ever in history correctly called the exact date of an announcement or trailer for a new, mainline GTA game.” I’d take this ‘leak’ with a grain of salt.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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