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GTA 6's Wanted System sounds like a complete overhaul, and fans are impressed

GTA 6's Wanted System sounds like a complete overhaul, and fans are impressed

Leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 footage seems to show that the game's Wanted system has received a total overhaul with several new features.

I’m not sure I’ve ever known a build-up to a reveal quite like the build-up to Grand Theft Auto VI. Naturally, fans have always theorised about upcoming releases - particularly relishing in any leaks that may come their way. That seems to be happening tenfold with GTA VI. The hype is palpable despite the fact that Rockstar Games remain hush-hush about the whole thing.

Last year, Rockstar Games was hit by a major cyber attack, during which over an hour’s worth of GTA VI development footage was leaked online alongside screenshots and source code. Despite much of this being taken down by Rockstar, some dedicated fans continue to mine away for information. Already this week, fans have pieced together the game’s potential map which seemingly features over 100 unique locations. Money laundering and witness intimidation will seemingly also be introduced as crimes - which leads me nicely onto the latest topic of discussion: GTA VI’s wanted system.

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As reported by Dexerto, this latest tidbit of information is based on one of the leaked clips which saw the two main characters, presumed to be named Jason and Lucia, robbing a diner called Hank’s Waffle House. They note that as the player steals money from the diner’s cash register whilst intimidating customers, a “witness” mechanic kicks in. Apparently, under your Wanted level, the words “Full Description” were shown, indicating that witnesses can pass along your physical description to the authorities.

That’s certainly going to make it harder to sleuth around incognito. Dexerto further added that there were reportedly options for “No Vehicle Description” and “Full Vehicle Description” adding yet another layer to the ways in which the police can track you. The text prompt in the clip viewed reportedly read, “Any vehicle you are seen entering will be known by the Law.”

You can seemingly ‘prevent’ customers from calling the cops and the cops do have a ‘dispatch’ time if you need to make a getaway. In a document created by the GTA VI fan community based on the leaks, those who had seen the clip wrote, “The police AI can be seen adjusting his stance depending on the height of the object in front of him, and lowering his position when he reloads his weapon, and he also keeps shooting Lucia while moving left and right.” it sounds like GTA VI is really upping the immersion and challenge.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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