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GTA 6 crimes include money laundering and witness intimidation, new leak finds

GTA 6 crimes include money laundering and witness intimidation, new leak finds

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It won't come as too much of a shock to you that GTA VI will let you do crimes. Grand Theft Auto has, after all, traditionally been all about letting players do bad things to make money. Hell, the entire series is named after a crime.

As unsurprising as it is that GTA VI will feature a new litany of transgressions to commit, a massive new gameplay deep dive, borne from last year's infamous leaks, suggests the new game will be the most immersive crime sim ever.

Take a look at everything we know about GTA VI so far below!

A number of Grand Theft Auto fans from across various online communities have spent the last year or so poring over the leaked gameplay from last year, and have come up with a massive bible containing every new detail they could find. It's worth noting that much of this is speculation, and that certain features uncovered in the leaks may not end up in the final build. Even so, this is an impressive and worthwhile read for GTA lovers.

One of the more notable sections of the document focuses on new gameplay systems spotted or hinted at in the leaks. Among them are a range of crimes we've never seen before in a GTA game, most notably money laundering and the ability to screw with witnesses.

The latter is something we saw in Red Dead Redemption 2, of course. If someone saw you commit a crime you could chase them down and dispose of them, or put the fear of God into them to ensure they never told anyone what they'd witnessed. The document suggests that GTA VI will feature an expanded version of this in which witnesses can give your description to police, and the law will ultimately recognise you if you don't do something.

There are also references to fences and money laundering, which suggests there'll be a few extra steps to making dollar from your ill-gotten gains in GTA VI. I'd assume you can probably pay someone to do stuff like this for you in-game, but if you ultimately want to be in a position where you have your own criminal empire, you'll have to learn to operate these things solo.

The document makes for fascinating reading

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