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GTA 6 multiple maps spotted as new gameplay footage confirms travel between states

GTA 6 multiple maps spotted as new gameplay footage confirms travel between states

Several Grand Theft Auto 6 maps have been spotted by fans, seemingly confirming travel between states.

Eagle-eyed fans are back at it again and this time, they may have discovered that Grand Theft Auto VI will include multiple maps and the ability to travel between states.

With rumours that Grand Theft Auto VI will be taking us back to Vice City, another series of leaked documents hints at the possibility of multiple maps. If this is true, players will be able to travel across states to locations such as Georgia. However, with no confirmation from Rockstar, fans are speculating as to whether state-wide travel will be possible.

Check out a remastered Vice City below!

The introduction of other states outside Florida is the newest rumour in the Grand Theft Auto VI community. This adds to the hints that the game’s protagonists will be a man and woman called Jason and Lucia, the online mode will introduce seasons similar to Fortnite and the wanted system will be getting a complete overhaul to name a few.

Now, thanks to players who have sifted through the recent leaked documents, it seems like Grand Theft Auto VI will include locations from Georgia. With Vice City being based on Miami, it is quite the distance from Georgia so Rockstar will have to do a bit of geographical rearranging. However, with the documents showing a potential Georgia prison, it may just be plausible.

“Rockstar have brought down and featured locations from Georgia, including a Prison and mountain ranges not present in real world Florida,” the document reads. A Twitter account named jasonfromgta6 also included images of the prison in question which many believe to be the Augusta State Medical Prison in Georgia. To play devil’s advocate, Rockstar may have just based their architecture on real-life buildings, but it remains to be seen if this is the case.

With GTA VI still having no official launch date, both tension and expectations are building. However, thanks to recent comments from Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick, the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series could be released as early as 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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