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GTA 6 first female protagonist Lucia impresses fans in new video

GTA 6 first female protagonist Lucia impresses fans in new video

Hey Lucia

One of the worst-kept secrets in gaming right now is that GTA VI features two protagonists, and one of them just so happens to be Grand Theft Auto's first female playable character. And it only took a couple of decades, wow.

We all know GTA VI is in development, and that it's probably coming no later than March 2025. Footage of an early build of the game is all over the internet as of last year, and it's this footage that confirmed two of the most persistent rumours: that GTA VI is set in Vice City, and that one of its two playable characters is female.

Here's everything we know about GTA VI so far!

Leakers were able to discover that GTA VI's female hero is called Lucia, but beyond that? We know very little about her. Still, that hasn't stopped her from making a hugely positive impression on fans everywhere - fans who have been dying to see Rockstar Games finally put a woman in a starring role.

We also have the usual vocal minority of whiny babies who have never seen a woman in real-life and get scared every time someone puts one in a video game, but we don't talk about them.

One incredibly talented character artist has taken what we all saw in the leaks - leaks that have now been pretty much scrubbed from the internet - to create a stunning render for Lucia that gives us a proper look at the character.

The video, which you can see here, has fans even more excited for Lucia's arrival. While this obviously isn't an official look at the character, it's a really well-made teaser for what's to come.

"If I were to buy GTA VI when it comes out you bet I’ll be playing as Lucia," wrote one fan. "I’ve been asking for a female playable character in a GTA game for many years. It’s finally happening."

Another added: "I hope that after all these years that we have waited for GTA VI, the details and realism of the characters will be at this level."

And then, you know, there are bunch of super weird comments from people who I think are attracted to the computer-generated lady. That's the internet for you, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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