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GTA 6 leaked footage blows fans away with multiple IRL locations

GTA 6 leaked footage blows fans away with multiple IRL locations

One Grand Theft Auto 6 fan has scouted real life locations that inspired the game after leaked footage previously made its way online.

At this point I think we all know GTA VI is set in Vice City, don’t we? It’s become one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming, up there with the Modern Warfare 3 reboot and the fact Fallout: New Vegas is a much better game than Fallout 3.

GTA VI was announced way back in February 2022 which may have been a tactical error on Rockstar’s part. In the year or so since that fateful day, Rockstar Games hasn’t really divulged anything else, other than that the game will launch by March 2025 at the latest, but even that is a bit of a question mark.

In lieu of any real info we’ve been subjected to fans rushing live TV shows to beg for updates, and the infamous gameplay leaks from last summer.

Here’s everything we know about GTA VI so far:

While Rockstar obviously moved to scrub the leaks from the internet as fast as it possibly could, we live in an age where nothing is ever truly gone from the internet. Trust me: there’s an unfortunate picture of me holding a plastic trumpet I wish I could get away from.

Anyway, a Twitter account called @GTA6VIDEOS pored over the leaked gameplay footage and scoured Miami (on which Vice City is famously based) to try and pin down similar-looking locations. While the likes of Vice City and Los Santos are fully fictional, they do of course have points of interest that are based on their real-life counterparts. GTA6VIDEOS hoped to find some of these to get a better feel for GTA VI’s open world.

As expected, there are plenty of clear references to Miami in the footage, which absolutely confirms what we all already knew but Rockstar didn’t want us to know: GTA VI is absolutely, unequivocally, set in Vice City.

Given that we haven’t actually taken a trip to Vice City since the 2002 game of the same name, it’ll be a treat to venture back down Florida way. Certainly, technology has come a long way since then, so expect a much larger area to explore. Rumours suggest there’ll actually be multiple towns and cities for us to poke around, but I suspect Vice City will be the headline act.

GTA VI will release… eventually. Fans believe that 2023 is the year we finally get some official news, but I feel like we’ve been saying that every year since 2013, so maybe don’t hold your breath.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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