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GTA 6 2025 release date teased by Rockstar parent company

GTA 6 2025 release date teased by Rockstar parent company

GTA 6 is coming, finally

Good news, everyone: GTA VI is actually coming, and it's way closer than any of us had any right to expect.

Rockstar Games first announced that GTA VI was in active development way back in February 2022, but since then we've not really learned much of anything. Sure, we got the infamous gameplay leaks of an early build of the game from last summer, but I'm not sure that was Rockstar's ideal scenario.

Take a look at what we know about GTA VI below!

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently responded to a question in regards to GTA VI's long-awaited release date, essentially confirming something fans have long suspected.

In an interview with CNBC, Zelnick was asked straight-ip when GTA VI would land. His response? That it's coming very, very soon.

“We leave the announcement of upcoming titles to our labels and we have said we have a very robust pipeline of titles and we have a great outlook for fiscal 2025 where we’ve reiterated our belief that we’ll generate about $8 billion in net bookings,” he responded. “So pretty exciting time. But we haven’t spoken about the specific release schedule and we have titles coming from all of our labels.”

So... did he just? Yes, yes he did. Zelnick previously hinted in a recent earnings call that GTA VI would launch no later than March 2025, so this basically confirms it, kids: GTA VI is coming in two years. The CEO was also asked about reports that GTA VI is the most expensive entertainment product of all time.

“The Grand Theft Auto franchise is probably perhaps the most profitable franchise in the history of entertainment. We focus on costs, of course, we have a three-part strategy. Be the most creative, be the most innovative, be the most efficient… undoubtedly a title like Grand Theft Auto will always be highly profitable,” he explained.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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