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Ryse: Son Of Rome is still a gorgeous game that needs a sequel, fans agree

Ryse: Son Of Rome is still a gorgeous game that needs a sequel, fans agree

Ryse: Son of Rome is still a gorgeous game that most certainly needs a sequel, fans agree.

Ryse: Son of Rome is still a gorgeous game that most certainly needs a sequel, fans agree (kind of).

Developed by Crysis studio, Crytek, Ryse: Son of Rome was an Xbox One launch title and a console exclusive that came with much fanfare. Trailers showcased how stunning this game was set during an alternative ancient Rome.

At least visually, Ryse: Son of Rome was arguably the best-looking game amongst the Xbox One launch titles, and to be fair, it still looks impressive today. However, any trailer can impress the masses, after all, it’s a trailer's sole purpose.

So when Ryse: Son of Rome was in the hands of reviewers and fans alike, in terms of gameplay, the Xbox One launch did not live up to pre-conceptions and despite being gorgeous for its time, it was criticised for its repetitive gameplay and over-excessive QTE’s.

On Metacritic, Ryse: Son of Rome garnered scores of just 60 from reviewers and 6.4 from users, painting a consistent picture across the board. I can remember at the time all the negative words that were said about this game and to be honest, it had put me off from picking it up at launch.

I can’t remember exactly when I finally played Ryse: Son of Rome, but it was probably at least a year after its release with a heavily discounted price. Yet, I remember being quite surprised with how much I enjoyed this game.

Aside from its gorgeous visuals and not totally being put off by its non-groundbreaking gameplay, being a sucker for ancient Rome and mythology, I had a lot of fun with Ryse: Son of Rome. Far more than I ever expected.

What’s more, fans of Reddit have also been discussing their unexpected enjoyment of the dismissed Xbox One exclusive and have called for Microsoft to give us a remake. Well, when I say fans, there are just two calling for a sequel. But the thread wasn't short of praise for the game's visual splendour.

“This Game was released 10 years ago and still looks better than most modern new games,” said xiosy, opening up the discussion on the thread. “Imagine how a Ryse 2 would look like with an upgraded graphics engine.”

“I really want a sequel to this. The graphics are so good, I still go back to play it from time to time,” expressed BoBoBearDev.

Along with the comments on how good Ryse: Son of Rome looks, a common trend was that it felt much like a tech demo for new-gen hardware and I kind of agree.

“The thing about Ryse: Son of Rome is that it's one of those tech-demo games. Very much like The Order: 1886. It's one of those "look how shiny this looks, buy it and the only console it works on", said Viewtiful1DoubleO. “Looked amazing, the gameplay definitely not so much. Just thankful the story and cutscenes were interesting enough to keep playing it till the end,” added LegionGold.

Will Ryse: Son of Rome ever get a sequel? Probably not, if that were to happen, I doubt we’d be waiting over a decade. There were rumours a couple of years ago of a sequel and that it would be multiformat, but it's all been quiet since then. So don’t hold your breath waiting for that day to arrive.

Featured Image Credit: Crytek

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