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Red Dead Redemption 2 massive fan-made map expansion includes Mexico

Red Dead Redemption 2 massive fan-made map expansion includes Mexico

South of the border

Red Dead Redemption 2's open world is quite possibly the greatest in any video game ever. It might not be the biggest in terms of raw size, but the level of detail and amount there is to see and do is on another level.

Five years after launching Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to blow us away, to the point that fans are incredibly still discovering new things to do in the open world, and plenty of secrets to be uncovered in the game's dialogue and through its NPCs.

Take a look at some of the best Red Dead Redemption 2 wins and fails below!

Rockstar might not update the game's open world itself - and I guess you could argue it's perfect as is so doesn't really need anything added - but modders are always on hand to create new stories and adventures that greatly enhance the overall experience.

One area fans have been dying to explore in full is Mexico, and now you can. The original Red Dead Redemption saw John Marston take a trip south of the border, leading many to assume you'd be able to do similar in the follow-up. While it is possible to get to Mexico without mods, this fan-made creation is a much better solution.

Mexico V1.1 actually combines several Mexico mods created by users RedMaxBR, SergeantJoe, AClassySliceOfToast and DuPz0r. It's an essentially a greatest hits, coming together to give us one definitive version of Mexico that's completely open to explore and interact with.

The mod features tons of points of interest, including shacks, towns, railroads, and plenty more. It really does feel like a seamless inclusion to the game's world, and is absolutely worth checking out if you're a PC gamer looking for some more Red Dead action.

If Mexico isn't quite right for you, there are mods that introduce all-new original crimes and heists not found in the base game, as well as an overhaul mod that can turn the player into a bounty-hunter.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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