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Red Dead Redemption 2's iconic Lenny mission has an alternate ending

Red Dead Redemption 2's iconic Lenny mission has an alternate ending

Red Dead Redemption 2’s iconic Lenny mission now has an alternate ending, players have discovered.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s iconic Lenny mission now has an alternate ending, that some players have only just discovered.

Lenny Summers is a beloved character in Rockstar GamesRed Dead Redemption 2. During the Horseshoe Overlook chapter, Lenny and the dastardly Micah are sent on a scouting mission. However, when the proverbial s**t hits the fan, Micah is arrested and sentenced to hang. Lenny manages to escape law enforcement and upon arriving at the Van der Linde camp, he explains to his comrades what had happened. Lenny is a nervous wreck, so gang leader Dutch instructs Arthur Morgan to take Lenny to the nearby Smithfield’s Saloon for a few drinks in the hope of calming his nerves.

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Long story short, both Arthur and Lenny get absolutely hammered and this moment ends up being one of the funniest video game scenes in recent years. Being a saloon in the wild west, it’s not long until drunken chaos breaks out, resulting in Arthur and Lenny being chased by the law.

Whatever happens, Lenny is caught by the law. Here, Arthur has a couple of options. It seems in most cases, Arthur is also caught and if so, it triggers a cut scene with the duo waking up in a cell hungover. The other option is that Arthur escapes, leaving Lenny behind. Either way, both Arthur and Lenny will later return to their group, just a little worse for wear.

However, an alternative scene involves Arthur attempting to run away, but if you run into a post, he is knocked out unconscious and awakens in the jail cell alongside Lenny. The end result may essentially be the same as being caught directly, but running into the post adds even more humour to this epic moment. “Today I learned that there’s an alternate scene if you escape the police after the drinking with Lenny mission,” posted Redditor Name12345678910-1.

“Wait, are you saying there's an alternate scene if you get caught by the police?” replied hortys. “This is always hilarious to me. Either people always get caught, or never get caught, and have no idea the other cutscene exists,” added InvisibleMadBadger. While my memory is often a tad hazy, I swear blind that I accidentally triggered this scene when I originally played Red Dead Redemption 2, because I have vague memories of finding this particular moment hilarious.

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