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Jack Black wants a Red Dead Redemption movie

Jack Black wants a Red Dead Redemption movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie star Jack Black would like to see Red Dead Redemption get the adaptation treatment.

Jack Black may in the midst of promoting The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but the actor has revealed that there’s another video game he’d love to see get the adaptation treatment - and that is Red Dead Redemption.

Here at GAMINGbible, we were big fans of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. It’s heaps of fun if you’re familiar with the franchise, but it hasn’t exactly gone down well with critics on the whole. HBO’s The Last of Us set the standard extremely high when it comes to adaptations - and oh my, there are so many more on the way. In terms of TV, we’ve got Netflix’s Horizon Zero Dawn series, plus Amazon’s Fallout and God of War projects. There’s the Ghost of Tsushima film, Gran Turismo, Five Nights at Freddy’s … I could go on. It’s Rockstar Games’ rootin’ tootin’ Red Dead Redemption that Jack Black wants to see adapted though.

Take a look at some of our Red Dead Redemption 2 wins and fails below.

In an interview with the BBC, Black opened up about what a fan he was of HBO’s The Last of Us. “I'm a fan of adaptations, when done right,” he began. "The Last of Us was fantastic, and what's crazy is how loyal it is to the original source material. It's basically all from the game with just a couple of tweaks. It's going to win all the awards. They used the video game almost like a storyboard and I was like, 'Whoa, this looks just the same.'”

He continued, “And there are some great games that have yet to be explored in television or film. Maybe there's going to be a Red Dead Redemption movie? There should be, because I think that [has] just as good or [an] even better story than The Last of Us." I’m a The Last of Us stan so I can’t commit to Black’s sentiment that RDR is better, but I certainly agree that it would be incredible to see it get the big screen treatment.

What would you like to see from an RDR adaptation? I think everyone is going to want a prestige TV series from HBO from now on and honestly, how can you blame them.

Featured Image Credit: Jack Black via Instagram, Rockstar Games

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