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Starfield nude mods arrive in record time for thirsty gamers

Starfield nude mods arrive in record time for thirsty gamers

Nude mods have finally arrived in Starfield. It didn't take long.

Uh oh. We knew this day would come. Nude mods have finally arrived in Starfield. As Thanos once said, “I am inevitable.”

Starfield is a tale of two halves. Despite being Bethesda's biggest launch of all-time, with over 6,000,000 players, Starfield is a game that’s split opinion. Some players adamant that it’s a ‘solid 7/10’, criticising the game’s fast travel and loading screens. Others are enamoured by the game’s level of immersion and detail. I’m in the latter camp, deeming the game to be “revolutionary” in our 10 out of 10 review. Outside of the base game, PC users are free to experiment with mods, with mod support coming to Xbox at a later date. Already, modders have overhauled the game’s UI and graphics - and now they’ve also added nude options.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

Starfield is a pretty clean game when it comes to sex, unlike Baldur’s Gate 3 which is far more celebrating of the act. You can romance characters in Starfield. Do so well, and your character will have sex, prompting one of the game’s best buffs to kick in. Your significant other may make a comment about how the night went, but it’s not something you’ll see.

As reported by TechRaptor, if the fact that NPCs are clothed bothers you - and while I’m not one to judge, that’s an odd thought to have so yes, I am judging - mods now exist to make NPCs clothless. It’s the creation of NexusMods user Thepal who also happened to make the first nude mod for Skyrim in 2011. Bro has a mission and no one can stop him, it seems.

It’s a pretty simple mod, mainly achieved via altered textures. I have no doubt before long something even more cursed will have been released though.

Featured Image Credit: Thepal via NexusMods, Bethesda

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