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Starfield's best perk is only available by having sex, sorry nerds

Starfield's best perk is only available by having sex, sorry nerds

As if anyone needed more reason to enjoy love (aka sex) in Starfield!

Sex is the answer to obtaining the best perks in life, at least that’s the case when playing Starfield. It turns out that if you want to get a massive XP boost, you need to be getting down and dirty with those companions of yours.

No doubt plenty of you have already laid out plans on how to romance the companion that’s stolen your heart – it’s RPG 101 for those of us who thrive when a loved one is by our side. However, while waiting for that special someone might seem like a wise move, it also means you’re missing out on some seriously good times, and we’re not just referring to leaving a lasting mark on everyone you fancy.

Our Starfield review explains romance further if you need some pointers!

The ‘Emotional Security' perk is similar to Fallout’s ‘Well Rested’, in that it offers a 24 minute long boost to the XP you gain. Come on, if the choice is between sleeping and shagging, most of us are going to pick shagging, and not just because we’re all horny at heart but because it benefits our Starfield character’s progression.

Unfortunately, at least for those of you who don’t want to be chained down (commitment-wise), you can’t just hop in the sack willy-nilly – romance needs to be instigated, otherwise, you’re fresh out of luck. Still, while you can’t have a one-night stand or afternoon delight without a strong bond, you can easily romance certain NPCs thanks to Bethesda’s generously low approval threshold.

You won’t see any sex scenes, though, despite the fact that NPCs might comment on being a “little wild”, which is disappointing but unsurprisingly given Bethesda’s track record with romance. If you want graphic sex scenes, you need to head to Baldur’s Gate 3 because tame it is not, and not just due to the fact you can have sex with a bear; BG3 is a celebration of kink, whereas Starfield is just happy to get laid.

If you’re abstaining from sex, while we understand and respect your decision, you will miss out on more than getting cosy with someone you like. However, there are other ways to get nice perks, like a handy hack that gets you the best spacesuit in the game.

Fancy romping in space with a sexy companion? Most people do, and now you can because Starfield is available on Xbox and PC right now – huzzah for sex and space!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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