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Starfield's best spacesuit is available at the very start of the game via a simple trick

Starfield's best spacesuit is available at the very start of the game via a simple trick

We love a cheeky little hack, especially when we can get high level gear early on in-game!

Despite the haters, Starfield is having a moment that none of us should deny it; like when The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom first launched, nobody could move for all the posts, reviews, features, and general obsession with the game.

While there’s no end of articles out there slamming its graphics or angrily questioning pronoun choices, we’re here to do the real work: to make your life easier. And to do that, we’re going to tell you about a clever hack that’ll bag you the best spacesuit in the game… right at the beginning.

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In the basement of The Lodge, locked away behind a glass case, is the Mark 1 Spacesuit. You can tell this suit means business because you need to be a ‘Master’ lockpicker to get to it; nothing screams invaluable item like a master-level obstacle. This suit promises incredible protection, which undoubtedly will help those struggling to stay with the game. But few people will achieve the rank of ‘Master’ so early in Starfield, so what’s the solution?

TikTok user rudysarcade shared the tip online, with over 30K people liking the hack thus far. To essentially cheat the game and get the Mark 1 Spacesuit, users need to look for a minute crack in the glass case; when you find it, if you position yourself so that you’re looking through the crack, you should be able to grab the suit without the need of a lockpick.

As ingenious as this hack is, it’s best you use it asap, because Bethesda is well-known for patching any issues like this the moment it's alerted to them. The game releases on Xbox and PC for everyone on 6 September, so there’s a window of opportunity that lessens with each passing day – once the game is out for everyone, you can bet your bottom dollar that Bethesda will address bugs like this.

We wish you luck in obtaining this impressive spacesuit. Godspeed, you sci-fi romping, adventurous astronauts!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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