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Starfield refunds demanded by idiots getting upset over pronouns

Starfield refunds demanded by idiots getting upset over pronouns

There are no words to explain how incredibly ridiculous this issue with pronouns is

Breaking news just in: idiots get upset over pronouns in a video game. You know, pronouns that we use every day because none of us can avoid conversations that involve he, she, and they. Sadly, the fact that pronouns are part of life seems to have escaped the gamers demanding Starfield refunds.

When Starfield opened up its Early Access, most of us expected fans to get angry over poor graphics or jutting frame rates. Yet, once again, the internet proves that people really can get upset over the simplest things, especially if it happens to touch their extremist nerves.

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Let’s be clear: Baldur’s Gate 3 lets you have sex with a bear, as well as other unusual romantic options. Then there’s the more relevant fact that Cyberpunk 2077 and BG3 has similar features to Starfield as well – this kind of options is by no means new, and isn’t offensive in the slightest.

The meltdown that’s particularly caught people’s attentions, and arguably started this ridiculous backlash over normal terms, came from YouTuber HeelVsBabyface. “I love nothing more than to be dragged out at every f*cking conceivable opportunity so that you can f*cking current-day us. Sorry, you wanted to get immersed in our world? Guess what, f*cking pronouns! F*cking gender ambiguity! F*cking current-day Californian sh*t, because that's what we f*cking know because we are boring. We're so, f*cking, boring! We can't see past our own f*cking reflections, that's the level of our narcissism at the Bethesda Western Gaming Company,” said the YouTuber.

His man-child rant went viral, naturally, but it then opened the floodgates for more people to complain about the existence of pronouns in a game. Again, I can’t state enough how incredibly silly that is. Obviously, many people quickly started to roast those so deeply offended over Bethesda’s decision to embrace equality in the smallest, most basic of ways. Bearing in mind, as one Twitter user pointed out, these people are the same ones who thought gamers were “snowflakes” for boycotting Hogwarts Legacy.

Dr. Disrespect also went in on the action, having recently been “triggered” because Bethesda’s head of publishing has pronouns in his bio. I mean… make it make sense? It’s an ugly part of the video gaming community that’s deeply damaging; we can roast these people for it, for their ideologies are far more alarming than any pronoun in a game or bio. Thankfully, more positive experiences and impressions have come from Starfield’s Early Access, like the gamer who got sober so they could enjoy the game.

Those are the kind of stories I want to focus on, not the idiots wanting to ruin anything and everything over an option that doesn’t even affect them. They can literally choose their pronoun and be done with it, but instead, going on the internet and screaming the loudest is their default setting.

Starfield is available now on Early Access, and will release for everyone else on 6 September.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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